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I started www.adancerintherain.com 10 years ago! May-June 2013! Because I love 13 and because I had spontaneously jumped on a plane on 13 May and was working and exploring and dancing my way through the streets of Milan and Barcelona. Oh! And I spent a month barefoot and salty haired on an active volcano 🌋 on the less molten lava-ry side 😜 Ciao Stromboli!

It’s been 10 years! And it’s not that loads of people read the stuff… I hope more strangers do. I’m not a huge fan of people I actually know reading my frikken heart ❤️💔 but again today, a friend found my website, was shocked she’d never heard of it….

“Exactly what I needed to see today. I’ve been contemplating (for like a year) starting a page for my endless thoughts/half-finished journal entries that are in my notes app, but I’ve always been scared of the “vulnerability hangover” that will inevitably come with it 😂 Love you, your heart and the beautiful way your thoughts spill out on paper. Tears and goosebumps and a whole lot of love reading these posts❤️”

There is huge fear of *omg what if this one or that one reads this.* But screw it, writing is my survival tool. And if what I write serves in any way as a support to those who read it, then yay! If it pisses anyone off, well, cry me a river and thanks for the content 😜🌋

When I die one day, my nearest and dearest know the deal. A dancer in the rain 🌧️☔ needs to be published as a book,…. Until then, I’m filling the pages. 🌈

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