Language of the heart

My love language is a medley of affection, connection, and intimacy

Bath time by candlelight

Anything by candlelight

Being a steady and calming presence in times of chaos

Listening to understand, not to be right


Cooking your favourite meal

Sharing all the things we used to love when we were little


Embracing uniqueness and quirks

Supporting your self-care and well-being

Seeing not just with my eyes but with my heart


Surprising you with small gestures of affection

Physical touch and attention


Building a world of inside jokes and shared memories

Being your cheerleader in revelry

Providing a safe space for vulnerability


Creating space for us to unmask together

Reminding you of your own light in dark moments

Sensual massages to relax and connect


Bringing joy to your inner child

Deep, lingering kisses.


Whispering sweet and naughty nothings

Did I mention candlelight?


Loving the parts of you that have been longing for love

Showing you that you are lovable even when you’re moody or sad


Lighting the way through the underworld

Accepting and appreciating your love language as it evolves over time


Sharing intimate secrets

Flirtatious messages


My love language is a dance of emotions and sensations, an intimate language that speaks in body, mind and heart.

And candlelight.

Anything by candlelight.







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