fortune favours the brave

Recently I have been hearing alot of “you are so lucky, you are so lucky, you are so lucky” and I can’t just swallow that that easily…

 I say “you make your own luck”

Where I am and what I am doing didn’t come easy. It all came out of a desperate search to find some happiness again. Each week has its challenges and I am not living some perfect existence but taking the good with the bad is life and a good life is when there is much more good than bad, and I am grateful everyday that I am able to see the places I am seeing.
Traveling for me is the most inspiring experience. but It really isn’t luck where I am, I made it happen. I made this happen. i took a chance. I said YES to opportunities. i fought with the safe and sensible side of myself. That’s what happens when we are brave. So that’s why I don’t really like the whole “you are so lucky” comment, it cheapens the process, it makes it seem like this all just fell into my lap…

Oh no my dear… Oh no it didn’t…

But chatting to a friend the other day I got a bit of clarity on the mentality of people who tell me how lucky I am, because she was completely honest with me, and she is one of those people. She explained that i am lucky to be naturally brave, and I guess that is true. Although my courage has had it’s seasons and I have had to keep stoking the fire, which can and maybe did ALMOST ALMOST ALMOST go out.
I crave adventure and that hunger is a blessing as well as a curse. But to the people who sit there and dream of something different, something beautiful and something new – remember you have to dream of something scary,exciting and unknown too – its all apart of the same package. you need a spoonful of faith but a solid dose of courage that YOU can only find within yourself. I don’t know if everyone has it. But you never know, you might surprise yourself.


I don’t know if my friend is right and if I indeed have more bravery than others BUT it is true that fortune favours the brave, because these incredible experiences/surprises/opportunities only present themselves when you’ve stepped outside your comfort zone.
What DOES  make sense to me is that courage is a love affair with the unknown …

And that IS me

and I’m head-over-heals in love

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