Don't walk, DANCE

Sometimes I wonder why I do this to myself, make huge changes, take myself out of my comfort zone, shake everything up like a snow-globe just as the flakes start to settle again.

Sometimes I wonder why I crave MORE MORE MORE
I go through this sever motion sickness of change, the build up of excitement and anxiety together that make me nauseous… my heart beats out if my chest for days and my breath becomes shallow, quick and weak…
And then my bags are packed, I get onto another train,
another plane
and I smile so hard I could pop!!
And then I realize.
I’m just that person.
That person who is either running from or towards something, trying to have the best life, the best experiences. I want to just keep filling myself up with MORE!!
More knowledge, more memories, more lessons…
MORE of Β “I dunno what it is until I get it”

I suppose it’s the difference between
being the audience and the actor
wishing and doing
talk and action
wanting and making
looking and seeing
It’s the difference between walking and dancing
through this thing called LIFE.

4 thoughts on “Don't walk, DANCE

  1. love this post really….as I love dancing in the rain as well….and I do understand what you have so nicely written about loving the change and living your life to the fullest really πŸ™‚

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