Day 2: Yoga/Meditation

There was quite a sound track to my yoga lessons today. This morning was booming thunder and pouring rain and this evening was chanting and firecrackers. Welcome to India. My evening class came to a standstill when I looked up and saw the walls of the yoga room had turned luminous orange, we looked out to see the most beautiful sunset.  I felt incredible after yoga today, while eating another beautiful Indian dinner.
Another highlight of the day was sharing my shower with a frog who I very nearly stood on (however, could’ve been said-frogs’ brother) as I was walking out my room a little later on. The family I’m staying with saw me doing the highland-fling, all legs and arms all over the place. Frog lives to fight another day. I nearly broke my neck.
Also, went to do some traditional stick dancing this evening with Deepa, her friends and her daughter who held my hand all the way there and back, chatting away in English and reciting Justin Bieber lyrics… I grabbed a Mars bar from the vendor in town after dancing and inhaled it, don’t feel healthy anymore. it’s not like me to crave chocolate or consume the entire bar but I guess I’m having sugar withdrawals of some sort.
I’m supposed to be practicing my new meditation technique which apparently takes the mind from a beta to alpha state, called the humming bee. Ears blocked and hum. For 10 to 15 minutes, noticing the breath (in for 6, out for 6) then apparently the mind should be quiet and clear for meditation. But I don’t really have the energy for it now…. There’s quite a bit of activity happening in the house, perhaps I’ll focus on that tomorrow.

I’ve also broken a personal record of not washing my hair for 3 days, 3 days not being the record in a normal work week but consider 35 degree humidity and sweat and add 4 yoga sessions…. I may wash it tomorrow, if I have time… πŸ˜‰

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