What is a holiday?

It was my first “Merry Christmas” since I can remember.

When I was younger, I’d miss the boyfriend in my life as we went off to our separate family’s for Christmas day. 
In my twenties it was filled with “Is this my step dad’s last Christmas?” to “I’m not going to spend Christmas with the one I thought I would.”

There where those Christmas’s running away from heartbreak and depression, hiding out of town and sobbing into the lawn on Christmas eve at my sisters place and once as far as to a tropical island of misery, teaching me that sadness follows you wherever you go and joy and appreciation can light the darkest room.

Then there were gradually less and less people around for Christmas. Loss after loss after loss, year after year. 
Holiday times are heavy times for some. And that’s the way I knew it. So much so that this year I didn’t bother taking leave, “let it come and go” I said.
Until this Christmas came and surprised me with peace and joy, togetherness and love. 

It still leaves me thinking, what is a holiday though?
So, many of us set out to make the 24th – 25th – 26th of December THIS WONDERFULLY JOYOUS occasion. 

May it be filled with love and happiness 
Fa la laaaaa 
La laaa
La la.

Make your own holiday. Choose your time.
What does a holiday mean to you? Does a celebration have to fall on an agreed holiday?
The “holiday-feeling” is something you can feel at any time when you are centred, filled with appreciation of the gifts of your present moment. But when you assign it to a specific day, we all arrive with our own expectations, self-imposed and society-imposed pressures… and that’s a recipe for all kinds of disaster.

My 2018 reflection crashed and burned and was just a forced reflective word vomit because I was actually so caught up with what the end of year should signify, how I SHOULD feel at 6pm on the 31st of December, as well as lulling in my sweet gratitude for the surprising peacefulness of the festive season this time round, that I struggled to get deep about it.

But here it is from inner peace to outer dynamism:

Let 2018 revolve around
Stay Tuned in ~ Tapped in ~ Turned on ~ To your highest possible frequency.
And when in doubt. Never underestimate the power in the voice of silence. 

In a bit of quiet, you’ll find the answers and reconnection.
                              • • • •


Tonight’s medicine for a tired mind:
+ A spoonful of David Attenborough wildlife documentaries
+ 1 spoonful of Guruji wisdom 
+ 1 spoonful of Abraham Hicks 

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