What is it about the 31st of December?

I usually just want it to come and go without the cliche of scheduled deep reflections and resolutions but something; the number, the energy, the universal consciousness in transition drags the mind into unavoidable reflecting and resolution-ing. Intention-setting. I’ve spent hours staring at the vast blue sky today. Basking under our god-star. Looking back. Looking forward. Looking within. This moment. This day. Because being anti-new-years means being anti-new things. New days and new chances to do better, be better, love better (yourself included).
Any time, any new “something” is a chance to recalibrate. Check in. Assess. Adjust. We can recalibrate every morning. Every new moon.
If new is important to you at the moment, like it is for me, 31 December is an opportunity. 1 January too. An ending and a new beginning. But wait here a minute… It’s not magic as the clock ticks over, deep breath – “these New Year Resolutions” will be a challenge to keep up. I know mine will. Consistency is the key. So, I’ll keep reminding myself what I want and move towards it. Every day.
Each day, I can try again. Be specific. Be on purpose. And to hell with anything that takes me off purpose. This is the journey of who knows how many days. Let’s not take time for granted. Do the things that matter to you! Take those moments. Grab them! Don’t put it off.
Many times I have danced wildly into the new year. Many times I’ve painted, written, stargazed quietly. (Even times I’ve just slept through.) This year, like a true Gemini, I’ll do both.
Let loose and let go tonight at a small dancing gathering 🎶 & start 2022 tomorrow with a dancing, yoga and meditation new year ritual.
All the good stuff.
I can have it all. You can have it all. We can have it all.
Let’s be on purpose!
Wishing you many happy and healthy new days & new months in this new year 2022. ✨
Love, The Day-Dreamer

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