Sunrise, sunset

In the realm where day and night entwine,

A dance of hues, a canvas divine,

The changing light of sunrise and sunset,

A tale of how strangely they met.


At dawn’s embrace, a soft kiss,

The sky awakens in gentle bliss,

The first light tiptoes around the bed,

Fingers stroke her sleepy head,

A palette of pastels, a painter’s dream,

As morning whispers sweet nothings in.


As sun ascends, their eyes slowly widen,

Some shadows, no secrets or emotions stay hidden,

Nature’s masterpiece, a love story bold,

A story of beginnings, a story untold.


And when the sun bids its last adieu,

A symphony of colors, a twilight’s debut,

In the sky’s embrace, their tapestry glows

Wrapped in eachother’s grasp, breathing slows


The world bathed in twilight’s embrace,

A tranquil calm, a gentle grace,

A moment to reflect, a moment to sigh,

As night and day diverge, she begins to cry.


A dance of souls, intimately explored,

Transforming hearts, a connection adored.

The changing light of sunrise and sunset,

A treasure of wonder, a treasure they’ve met.

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