Flight of the Heart

I’ve felt differently about flying over the years
As my plane takes off and gets tossed around through turbulent skies
Today’s Valentine’s day
And I realise

I don’t want to die

As the plane drops
I hold my breath
The plane recovers
I realise
I don’t want to die
And I realise
I haven’t always felt this way

I remember clearly, over the years
The feeling of indifference
Meh. If we crash, we crash

And perhaps
only on one occasion
I recall thinking
it may actually be good
To just

I remember flying with my mom and thinking
At least if we crash, we’re both done.
So it’s okay
And today
14 February 2024
As we dropped through the clouds
So, did my heart

I have a fear of flying, during take off and landing

is when I feel mostly out of control

I’ve got things to look forward to
I want to be alive
Some gift has been delivered to my home
When I see him again next week
There are things I want to show him
Our 10th honeymoon
It seems

This time in Cape Town’s wine lands
Sipping sauvignon blanc
Summer’s Saturday heat

Here I go falling

in Love’s Awakening

at 30,000 Feet

Sunset lovers
Xavier Rudd says it
We are allowed to dream

Magic it all is
Love is the frequency
To be in love
heart expanding

in Love’s Awakening
at 30,000 Feet

I don’t mind what happens next in this life right now
I’m in love
As long as I am in love
I want to be alive

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