A universe no one else can see. 

I won’t settle for an ordinary love.
I’ve always rejected mediocrity
My soul wouldn’t settle for anything less
than the kind
that knocks me off my feet
Allowing us to dance in the downpour
a level of intimacy we’ve yet to experience
fulfil your suppressed desires

I seek the love we’ve dreamed of our entire lives
In this universe, ours alone,
where the conventional dare not roam

Purify me,
shake me
explore me

Both comfort
and adore me
A universe no one else can see

Purify me,
shake me
discover me
Both comfort
and exhilarate me
A universe no one else can see

Losing all sense of time.
I longed to admire equally
parts of each other
that are unique and complimentary
Our connection should ignite
gentle sparks,
igniting hearts
A universe no one else can see.

Concealed behind our vulnerabilities
My safest space,
at adventure pace
Some things are meant to be savoured
in moderation,
but not me
Not this.
I’ll love you in every way
you and I have prayed for
A universe no one else can see.

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