two thousand & fifteen lessons.

What did 2015 teach me?

  1. That everything can change in the blink of an eye ~ your life is precious and unpredictable and we shouldn’t put off what’s important to us, do the things you want to NOW.
  2. Appreciate everything.
  3. Say what needs to be said, love those who treat you right… for those who don’t ~ that’s their battle.
  4. Forgive often.
  5. You can’t control how others act, but you have complete control over your reactions if you remain mindful.
  6. Listen more & you will learn more.
  7. There are enough selfish people in the world – and that will not harden me – it will not make me try become more self-involved to fit in to a narcissistic society ~
  8. I will do what makes me happy in order to be the best and strongest version of myself in order to be there for & benefit others ~ to be a better daughter, sister, friend, teacher, human and student of life.
  9. I am stronger than I thought.
  10. Don’t wait for some massive wave to turn your world upside down before you decide to start being true to yourself, living and being happy with NOW.

Keep it simple. Make what you can out of it. Look around you & be here!
Because now is all we have.

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