To India, I thank you. 

~ To the holy cow who tried to sit on my lap
~ To the relentless hooting that never gave up
~ To the magical chaos and colour
~ To that constant underlying smell of pee & incense
~ To the little kids who begged for food then offered me some
~ To the strangers who spoke to me like old friends about G*d, creation & love
~ To the heat, chillies & sun salutations
 ~ To the street-food-wallah who cooked me fresh samoosas rather than the ones he’d prepared “only 10 minutes before” due to the slightly (massively) sceptical look on my face
~ To the chai-wallah who gave me a little extra because he claimed I “have a light” in my eyes
~ To the monkeys for the hours of amusement
~ To the electricity for choosing the best times to go out
~ To the wonderful ventilation and water pressure in the bathrooms (*jokes jokes)
~ To the frogs for helping me keep my sense of humour in the ‘shower’ (*no jokes)
~ To the sunrises that lifted me.
~ To the sunsets that said “rest!everything’s alright”
~ To the 36 000 000 Gods, I think one of you heard me.
~ To India,
for for being utterly unapologetic
for being everything and nothing that I expected,
I thank you.


Peace out

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