something about muesli 

I don’t usually post photographs of my food but with this magnificent bowl of colourful goodness comes a great story. And this picture, a necessary illustration:

I needed something fresh and cool and chili-free for the first time since being in India. But I’ve avoided anything ‘Western’ until today.
I found myself sitting at Funky Monkey Cafe and after about 45 minutes my order presented itself: coconut, grapes, dates, pomegranate, banana, almonds, papaya, kiwi, apple, muesli and curd…

Ah! Wow! Beautiful!!” I said
Then my young, very sweet and smiley waiter, Summer, sat down nearby.
I noticed he was watching me take each bite,

Is good? Is okay?
Absolutely amazing! Thank you!” I replied
“It my first time I make this”
REALLY? It’s the BEST!

After a little more broken English exchange I discovered he’d also never tasted the combination of muesli, fruit and curd. I immediately served him up some and encouraged him to try it for the first time.

His eyes lit up. He nodded and chewed and chewed and nodded and seemed very impressed with himself.

I watched him eat every last bite.

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