Who am I?

I recently taught a class on identity. I teach adults second language English and faciliting conversation classes, supporting personal expression is one of my absolute YES’s in my dharma.

I have a extensive repertoire of formulas i use. This particular lesson I’m refering to opened up with a free writing task, five minutes of answering a question. The task to keep writing, keep writing, even if you write “I don’t know what to write” just keep expressing and circling back to the question, until I say stop.

The question: Who are you?

It’s interesting how people defined themselves and how they didn’t. It made me curious how superficial a lot of it was.

I’ve always had problems with defining myself. Social media asks for profiles and definitions. WHO ARE YOU?

My Facebook stands at exactly how I’ve always felt about this question: I’m not easily defined.

I’m fueled by curiosity and a range of interests. But a part from a list of qualities I am and am not; sometimes being one characteristic and at the same time as being the opposite characteristic too, WHO AM I?

Through the discussion that developed in class and a video that I played, it came down to that being the wrong question entirely. And what a relief that was.

When we attempt to define ourselves, we inhibit the awareness that we are infact ever-evolving. Our sense of identity is evolving.

Each day we live through, we can experience new states of potential.

The Universe is expanding and along with it are we.

What holds us back is what we develop as we grow up, coping mechanisms to keep us safe, comforted and protected.

These are the limits and barriers we need to detach from, to tap into our authentic selves. To unlearn and let go of what’s been programmed into us, to set us free.

A more exciting question, that opens us up to expansion is this: How would I like to experience my life?

So I invite you to dive in, take a few minutes to answer this question below.

Just go….

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