As much as I don’t want to write this I need to honour our little Jia, who left us very suddenly,very recently. I needed to hold myself together desperately as roles & responsibilities went on. But this morning, as I have a day to myself, a song cracked me wide open.

Our little Jiji is gone. Our little bounding pony, so precious and neurotic. She loved an outing to a familiar place, like the beach or the field. As long as her pack were with her. A true toy French poodle, loyal to mom, Rio and me. Snooty with strangers, she loved her Django too, especially over the last year, they grew so close. Oh, and men, how she flirted with my boyfriends over the years. They lost their hearts to Jijabug too.

My mom’s little companion who would sit in her safe space, mom’s lap at a restaurant. Quietly cuddling up in a warm spot on the bed or couch. We sometimes didn’t even notice she was there. But we notice now, cause she’s not.

She hated the parlour, but loved to look pretty.

Happy feet, I miss your joy. I miss your ecstatic laps.

Remembering the days when you’d run, not full speed, alongside Ri. Letting him feel like he was as fast as you. But we knew… When you bolted, you were the most beautiful girl to watch on 4 legs.

My tripod crew is down to one. Djangi is sad too. Brave and embracing having my undivided attention. But in the quiet moments, he whimpers too. We have to. Because we all miss you.

Running with you to the end of the road, 3 weeks ago. 14 years old, you overtook us in full stride. Thank you, Buggy, for the giggles and laughs. For being my happy hugger on my tummy in the morning.

Jia -Jiji -Jija -Jijabug -Bugalug -Bug -Jijibug – Bugzy

As signs of spring pop up around me in the garden, I am reminded of you. How you jumped so high over the log. Show pony. Being outside together was everything you love love loved.

And we will always have the vision of those 2 majestic porcupines, crossing the road in front of mom’s car at 5am,

after we had said goodbye.

The most unbelievable sight in the headlights, as they rushed across to the field. You & Rio, reunited,

running off to your field in the sky.


1 May 2008 – 2 August 2022

“You’ll never be gone”

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