“Sunshine in human form”

“Sunshine in human form” ☀️🍁✨

…that’s what I called you.

Last week I kept thinking how the sun could be shining at such a devastating time!?!?!? “How can the sun shine on a day like this!?!?!?”

I was angry. F***ING furious.
How dare it shine!!!!

But then I looked up
My ray of sunshine friend
My Kix
Now, YOU ARE THE SUN ☀️ !!!!!
On the day I took this photo as you picked up an autumn leaf bigger than your head, I had driven us to the Women’s Day brunch you were asked to host and facilitate laughter yoga at.

We talked so much on the way there. Laughed at ourselves. Shared so much. There was so much to say, not enough time. I lost my voice on the way back.

I was in awe of how you commanded that crowd. 150 women in stitches – that day I was very closely observing the women around me… Some keen and open, some uncomfortable, some real tough nuts to crack. But you did it. Even the girl who was “too cool” to laugh at the “silliness” was eventually giggling a lot. I’m so glad I was so especially curious that day, videoing and watching. I wanted to play you back to yourself so you could see. I told you how incredible you were, I told you all of this. I told you how you cracked every one up and everyone open. Even the “cool-girl” in the corner. “You are incredible babe”

You said it was your moment in the sun.

Kimon, my babe. You ARE the frikkin’ sun!😇☀️

Shine on ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️✨✨✨✨


15 April 1984 – 25 September 2022

6 thoughts on ““Sunshine in human form”

  1. WoW WoW WoW.
    I love what you wrote.
    So true what you said. She is the frikken sun.
    Need to share this.
    You write straight from the heart si beautifully.

    You are also the sun Dani. We are all it. Kimon new that and never forgot. We tend to forget.
    I love you my friend and will share your beautiful message.

    I think you should post it in the volunteers group and perhaps read it on Wednesday 🤗😘💫

  2. You really pour your heart out onto the page and hold nothing back Dani
    I also very much liked “Dancer In The Rain”. You’ve seen and borne witness to a lot of pain. Thanks for putting it into words for others to heal and not feel so alone 💛

  3. Dani, thank you so very much! I have read all the posts on your site, and you write beautifully. I enjoyed every last one of them and, yes, I did read all of them to the end!

    You do reveal yourself, in your writing, in a way I am unwilling, perhaps unable, to do, except through poetry (often using allegory).

    I knew you were strong, brave & kind from the very first time I saw you, at my first OPK, on the Village Green, when I had nothing to do but observe. You won my admiration immediately.

    For what it’s worth, you have my support. You have had my support since my first OPK. You earned my support, in your own right.

  4. You described it so well Dani! 💓 I remember that day… you got lot of positive vibes from that day with your friend Kimon, and by listening to your audio, that day, I was able to actually perceive some of them. It’s pure magic that you can bring those enlightening moments with you, for you to remember to smile and feel that pure sense of joy in your heart. That same light is right there, in your words, in you, with you. ✨

  5. Committing words to paper is never easy….So beautifully written my Dani❤️ How lucky we all are – my angel card reminded me today ‘’Friends are angels who lift our feet when our wings have forgotten how to fly.Thank you for sharing sharing this beautiful piece of your heart🙏🏿❤️

  6. Thanks for sharing this Dani. You must have been kindred spirits, because that is how I think of you 🥰 When I’m with you it feels like the sunshines brighter ❤️ Love you my friend.

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