# 13

I know it’s been a while, it’s just been so loud in here I haven’t been able to hear myself think… Life goes on, the days roll in and out, and before you know it you back to ‘normal’…. And we can’t have that now, can we?
I have been doing a lot of observing.
This friend’s getting married, this one’s having babies, this one is a career woman and that one’s falling in love. This friend’s being young and spontaneous, these ones bought a house, that one seems to have it all while the other one’s still going round and round in circles.
And where do I fall?
Not in any of those categories… So yes I have been quiet. I have thrown myself into my job (not in an unhealthy way) just in a SLIGHTLY all-consuming and SEMI-distracting way. For a while there, it wasn’t about me, and that was super refreshing.
Weddings needed to be planned, friends needed to be encouraged, mom’s needed support and students needed “me”
But there comes a day when it all becomes quiet again, the whirlwind of summer (minus the romance) dissipates. And then you are left with JUST you.
In numerology if you are born on 3,12,21,30 of month then there is restlessness in your nature, but you seem to be able to portray an easygoing, careless attitude.
Despite the easy-going attitude I have felt restless and insecure, and I wondered if I had in fact ‘settled down’ without even realizing it, without achieving everything I wanted to. But “NO, No, No….” said the subconscious, “You can’t fall back into the daily routine just because you love your job… You started teaching TO TRAVEL so TRAVEL for goodness sake!! Get off your ass and challenge yourself, BE SCARED… But do it anyway.”   (Yeah, my subconscious is a TOUGH cookie)
Last year I remember saying “If I’m still in Cape Town for my birthday next year, I will be very disappointed in myself” and with my birthday approaching rapidly, the heat was on…
So, about ’20 million seconds of courage‘ later, it’s a one-way ticket to Italy … and that’s all I can say because I don’t know what is going to happen, and I frikkin’ LOVE it! (This is me. The brave me.)
This chapter all starts on my ‘luckiest’ day of the year 13 May 2013.
(I get goose bumps just looking at that date written, 13 being my lucky number & May being my favourite month) and well… I already told you that in 2013, I will fly.
This is one of those opportunities that,I know, I will kick myself if I let pass me by. The universe has made this pretty obvious with its signs, numbers and timing and it would be rude to ignore it, wouldn’t it?
The only thing dumber than letting an opportunity for adventure pass you by, is praying for that opportunity and then ignoring it.
So, catch me world,  I’m about to jump…

4 thoughts on “# 13

  1. Yes Yes Yes !!! Go for it my bestest !! Take the plunge !!
    I’m behind you all the way xx

    1. Your trip will be beautiful… I arrive in Europe 2 days before you… I think I might be just a little more excited. Grab this opportunity by the balls and don’t let it go!

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    How long have you been running this blog? The way you do all of this makes it look easy. The entire look of your blog is splendid, not to mention the content.

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