what it is to be free

I just realized something that has plastered the biggest grin on my face. I am in Italy, which is special in itself. I touched-down yesterday and after wrestling with my useless Italian grammar I finally made my way from the aiport to the doorstep of my new home for next few months.
I spent this morning walking the streets, and of course I got stuck in a little bit of rain (how appropriate). Some keen men offered to give me (or sell me) their umbrellas but with the language gap, I still don’t know if the Italian men are ridiculously kind or just have a good eye for a business opportunity. Regardless, I declined their offers. I couldn’t do it. The rain was symbolic and although I didn’t break out into a dance in the rain, I did a little pirouette – on the inside.

So that brings me back to my over-the-top-Cheshire-cat-grin and the chance and the coincidences that make life a journey that I sometimes feel is a WHOLE LOT bigger than anything my meager mind can comprehend.
So, I arrived in Milan on the 14th of May 2013… and looking back I see that that is in fact 1 year since I created this ‘blog’… 1 year, to the day, since my first post. And 1 year later, I DO feel unstoppable.
It’s a hunger that I can’t curb and it takes control of my feet. It takes me places and it brought me here. And I am happy.
So to mark ‘a dancer in the rains’ first anniversary, I have this to say:

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