I’ve signed up on a 6 day yoga and meditation course. I thought it was going to be quite commercial, perhaps, mass produced and crowded. I found out today that it’s just me on the course at the moment. “Season” is only just starting here in Pushkar, India.
I was initially quite surprised. Also a bit disappointment and then scared. I was hoping there would be other likeminded searchers, people to connect with and keep me company – keeping me distracted from the intimidating inner exploration. But “No,” Universe says, “I’ll give you everything you need practice in, in one go, in the most intense form. In the countryside of India. Just you and your yogi family. No hiding.” Of course.
I came here. This is it. This is the inner journey pure and simple. Not simple.
Pushkar at sunrise
I’ll have an hour and a half of yoga morning and evening. A midmorning talk. An evening meditation session. The time in between I want to start re-reading Mindfulness Meditation from the beginning, doing the written exercises as well as a daily reflection. Maybe midday and before bed. I want to be religious in this and not skip a written reflection.
I am really looking forward to this. Let me set out without expectation. Because that alone narrows your vision, clouds your sight. Just to be open, all is what you make of it.
I will delete my social media apps. Just to have text messaging to touch base with Mom & a few other close friends. This is going to be tough, I’m known for reaching out and sharing. Maybe I do it too much and should rather just get on with myself, but I need the encouraging words and support from others in my life ~ though many of my friends deal with life’s trials and tribulations quietly and alone.
I would also like to limit my smoking… Yikes, that’s the scariest part! But who I associate starting again with and the anxiety he brought into my world is now gone, he eliminated himself. So, I need to quit that (again)!!! Cutting down will do for now…
Words associated with the week ahead: attention, awareness, self understanding.
**Please follow my journey and comment with any feedback, thoughts and if you’ve thought of doing or have done something like this before. I’d love to hear from you. **

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