Day 1: Yoga/Meditation

Midday: I woke up at 6 o’clock to go to the lake and put flowers and incense for my friend who passed away from cancer a year ago, today. I was surprisingly calm and at peace in my heart.
As I walked along the canal… wondering where her spirit was, I heard her laughter in my mind ~ as clear as bells ringing, as if she were right there.
She was right there. That was the calmness. A year later, I feel a sense of peace. Yes, there were tears as I gently put together flowers in an “A” shape, the first letter of her name. But this is where I am. I am doing this. Because of her.
I then came back for my first yoga practice and lecture. I’m going to feel unbelievable after this week (and during) of yoga twice a day. Still hesitant on the meditation front but that I’ll tackle this evening.
The Hatha yoga that I’ll be practicing here is different and taught differently to what I’m used to. Having these private lessons is going to be interesting. The post-yoga lectures will be great too. Today Yogesh spoke about “Yoga as a state of being“. Where all aspects of life are in balance.
What resonated with me the most is:

“It’s not important as to how many moments you have in life but how much life you have in those moments”

Warm breeze, with the help of the fan, incense burning at my window, mozzi creamed from head to toe so I don’t want to shower and have to reapply. Purple floral 150rupee dress from the market. Faded henna on my right hand and forearm. That’s what right now, my present moment, looks like.
Evening: I love masala chai before yoga. It’s a ritual I’m happy to adopt and will need to learn how to make it confidently before the weeks up.
This evenings yoga class was good, less postures than I’m used to, left to hold them for 15 breaths (you’d be amazed how long that is, especially when you keep losing count). Repeated twice on each side. So nice and quiet, Yogesh demonstrates and then let’s me do it in my own time, very calmly. Little talking. Just the sounds today of happy holy cows in the rain and the thunder echoing through the hot, humid air.
I ate as much pumpkin curry and chappati (roti) as I could possibly fit. With two meals a day, and only mid afternoon chai tea, I must eat lots when it’s being offered. No grazing here.
After the yoga class, where I felt my body responded well to the morning session and the days heat and I felt quite balanced and strong and ZEN, Yogi gave a meditation talk. As of tomorrow he will start teaching me techniques to use to enter this higher consciousness state that I am oh so open to, but he makes it seem easy when he talks about it. I don’t think he realizes what a basket case of an overactive brain and uber-O-T-T imagination I have.
Looking forward to my introduction to meditation. THE REAL DEAL.

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