Stop wishing.

It’s work.
Every single day is work.
There are no days off in chasing your highest self.
There’s no paid holiday on personal development.
You’re not going to reach any kind of goal by saying “Nah! I just don’t feel like it today.”
(I’m not saying you can’t relax!
I’m just saying we need to spend our time as wisely as we can.)
If you’ve fallen off track, pick yourself back up and carry on.
Accepting and knowing you’ve done the best you can under all the circumstances.
And if you didn’t then you grew from them and you won’t necessarily make those same mistakes again.
Because now you know.
It’s about being the best I can as a human
To elevate myself
To rise above
To continue to make the best possible choices I can for myself
Every single day. 
And not to be on any kind of loop
And relearning old things that I’ve already learnt
Remembering what it is I’ve learnt before
And not having to go on repeat
And therefore being able to move forward with carrying that knowledge with you

And continuing to make those wise choices for yourself

It’s not about wishing you had done something sooner
It’s not about wishing you hadn’t wasted so much time in your 20s, 30s, …
“I wish
I wish
I wish”
As long as you’ve found it,
you’re right on time.

4 thoughts on “Stop wishing.

  1. Beautiful and so so so true. I always feel like i’m running away from my home, from my family. But the problems always follow you.


    Now this hit DEEP!

    Grizzly goosebumps on my skin Dan, thanx for this divine message.

    “Accepting and knowing you have done the best you can under ALL circumstances”

    It brings tears of gratitude and thankfulness to my eyes! As I am
    Only just starting to realize this in my own life, and how it’s a beauty of a feeling!


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