virtual bush trip 2020 : Moms & Cubs

Surprises around every corner 💛

 Postcard moments.
Cheetah viewing pleasure!

I have had MANY ‘ALMOST’ sightings – GLIMPSES of cheetah ears and tails popping up in the long grass, far away, with binoculars…
Just wishing they would “STAND UP, please please PLEASE !!!”
So when this happened and this relaxed, alert mom of 3 littles, walked over to rest on this anthill with babies keenly behind, it was an all time highlight for me.

To experience this picture-perfect pinch-me moment ~
the light, the colours, the composition – was to see Mother Nature in all her splendour.

Take a moment

Take this in




And next




Our Lioness

Tell me how you think you’ll feel when you come face to face with a wild animal?

It’s true that somehow elephants calm me, their power absorbs me.

I go still inside and out.

I’ve voluntarily swum with sharks, no cages separating us.

I couldn’t get into the water fast enough. And once again. . .

an almost unnatural-to-most calm came over me.

But lions. . .

There is nothing calming about lions.

There is nothing calming about lions.

I haven’t had many encounters with them, but those that I have had were all completely unnerving

(Oh, but in the most spectacular way)!

It’s rare for a wild animal to look you directly in the eye. It’s rare to get that close to feel the gaze penetrating into you.

There is nothing more unsettling than when you’re tracking a lioness who is walking away from you, calling out to her mate, as she turns 180 degrees and takes steady strides right back towards you, looking. . .

Right through you.

Tell me how you think you’ll feel when you suddenly feel like. . . the next meal. When you lock eyes with instinct herself.

On the few occasions I’ve experienced this, my heart raced so fast, my palms were suddenly clammy and hot, I held my breath; wanting to break the gaze but unable to. . .

For those few moments you’re seduced 》



and absolutely powerless against it.

November 2018/A lion’s look

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