Shake Up!

when I talk about this life
tears will fill my eyes
expressing the agony
and the awe
the traumas
and triumps

of what I’ve been through

every time I talk about it
tears will fall from my eyes

as we don’t get to talk about these things

But when we do…

When I find myself in a space to embrace 

The fullness of its grace 

tears pour 

My heart will feel like it’s breaking
it’s not
like tectonic plates
after earthquakes
it shakes
settling into a new place
let ease

a little less resistance 

a little more into the acceptance
of what is

of what took place
what took up space

it will lean in a little more
and accept
what was endured…

a little more

to open up
to allow something to enter
to allow the new

allow a little more
of what’s trapped
to move through

and when you tell me your stories
I will cry with you, too
’cause what I feel for myself
I also feel for you

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