Let life surprise you

When I registered a few months ago to do the 6th August @rhinopeakchallenge #walkforwildlife in support of @wildlife_act as a part of the @wildlifeact_family – I wondered which mountain I’d choose around my area in Cape Town. Would it be Devil’s Peak? A great peak to climb to. Would it be Noordehoek Peak? which looks back at The Sentinel which can look a lot like a rhino 🦏 (if you use your imagination.) I just knew I wanted it to be special, symbolic.

Little did I know that through a series of special events I’d be doing the challenge in KZN. More specifically the Drakensberg. Exquisite! A first amazing “Berg” hike for me, with rewards all along the way. 😊

We never know what’s around the corner, life’s full of surprises. I cherish, cherish, cherish and relish in the beautiful ones!

Surrender and let life surprise you ✨

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