ask, ask, ask

Something occurred to me, something I suppose I’ve taken forgranted because I do it all the time. But I’ve noticed that most people do not. When did you stop asking questions? For help, advice or simply for directions.
I think we get so confined into our own little bubble that we forget there is world and life around us. For example, I see people in shopping malls, totally lost. They can’t even find the digital ad screen that will say ‘YOU ARE HERE!’ and send them off into another puzzling direction. Lost people stick out like a sore thumb. But they remain lost, until they ask.
What stops us from talking to each other? From stopping the woman who looks like she knows this mall backwards and asking her where to go. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.  I don’t do shopping malls, they drive me nuts. I never ‘brouse’. I go with a mission, a list and being lost will only slow down the process and waist time that could be spent with the sky above my head.
I ask woman all the time where they have bought the beautiful things they are wearing, and on the odd occasion they don’t say ‘overseas’ (I seem to have an eye for ‘foreign’ or expensive items) I will race to the shop and grab it in my size. In and out. Easy peasy. Just by asking.
That kind of asking for me is easy, but I think that asking needs to extend into all areas of life. Asking comes with no guarantees but it’s always worth it. We don’t ask because we are afraid the answer will be no. But how great is it when it’s not?
Ask. Ask what that recipe is. Ask where she got her hair coloured so beautifully. Ask for the day off or for a deadline extension, ask for a raise – You know you bloody-well deserve it!  Ask for help. Ask your angels to show you which step to take next. Ask the Universe for guidance.
Today, start asking. Ask for what you want and what you need. Ask to be  guided to the right questions. Ask to be answered. Ask for  your life’s path to unfold with joy. Ask politely. Ask with passion. Ask with humility. Ask from the bottom of your heart and you’ll be heard.
Just ask.

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