twenty seconds of courage

Towards the end of last year I heard a quote in the trailer for a beautiful film called, “We bought a Zoo”. Even though my mind was so fragile at that point and I wasn’t feeling optimistic about anything, it made sense to me. It felt like the words reached out and spoke directly to me. To this day I believe it was the sign that I needed to be brave again.

My twenty seconds of courage approach didn’t begin the day I said yes to going to South East Asia. Talk is cheap, I knew this, and the follow through was the real risk, the real courage.
But the moment I sat in front of my computer – having selected my Kuala Lumpur Return flights I had to pause for a second, or more like twenty seconds… my heart racing with fear and excitement.
“Am I being irresponsible? Why then is my heart ready to burst with joy? All I need is twenty seconds of courage, and I promise you something great will come of it” I told myself.
I clicked ‘BOOK FLIGHTS’ on the online Emirates website and there was a pause, the page hesitated and then flicked to ‘Your booking has been confirmed’ and I sat quietly with a knowing smile and then burst into squeals of laughter. Happiness. It just took twenty seconds to make the decision, to take the bold brave step to press the button and it changed my life completely.

Three months later, sitting on the beach watching my first Cambodian sunset, with a Singapore Sling in my hand – once again these words fluttered through my mind. I smiled, that same reassuring smile; I was at peace. Back on the right track to putting myself back together again – the way I wanted to be together.
I have applied the twenty seconds of courage rule to a few big decisions that scared me BUT that my soul said ‘yes’ to, over the last 6 months. A group of friends and I sat and watched ‘We bought a Zoo’ a few months after I got back from my trip, we couldn’t wait to see the film that helped me throw myself back into life and I hope it inspired them too.

Now, those of you who read this, who have experienced twenty seconds of courage or who now, plan to – share your inspiration!

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