facing the unfaceable


just a few months ago we told each other
we don’t know what we would do without each other
I was so grateful that that wasn’t so
to have a bond of friendship that stretches all our lives
to share our deepest secrets
our most truthful lies

we kept our hearts strong
through lifes battles, confusing haze
through each others faith and guidance
through each others praise
we are each others biggest supporters
we said we’d look back one-day
and laugh at our fears of the future
our silly childlike ways

‘we will never be grown ups’ we always say
we kept wishing and wishing these years away

I’ve listened to your voice and trusted every word
all we ever wanted was ultimate happiness for each other
to stand by me on my wedding day
you joked that you’ll still be single
I joked that you’ll catch the bouquet

all we wanted was to be mommy’s
you said you’ll do it alone if you could
we said we’d bring them up together
if only we still lived in the same neighbourhood

we’d make a plan – you said we would

to see you meeting the man of your dreams
to see you holding your first child
it all seemed so far away
we’ll always be children in each others eyes
playing Miss World
eating banana gelato
creating dances

you were the princess – I was the clown
telling stories of our “one day”

I need you to be there for me my friend
who will I turn to if you’re not near?
just a few months ago this would have been impossible
the pain you were suffering wasn’t clear

I’m trying to find words were they’re no none
trying to face the unfaceable
how do I look back on our lives for the both of us?
I can’t imagine life without you here

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