A year in your honour

​This year has been in your honour and I never thought I’d be at peace with losing you
Yes, grief comes in waves (or trucks or trains)

And of course
there are moments I reach for my phone and want to tell you about another of my ridiculous stories (that you used to call “episodes in an inspiring but hilarious adventure“)
Of course I still want to laugh at ourselves til we cry, together
And cry til we laugh
So, yes, I’ve lived this year as if it were my last
who would have known that last year was yours, in this fragile & temporary human body, with this emotional & sensitive human heart.
But somehow I still feel an incredibly real connection to you
Whenever I need it, even when I don’t
Is it my wonderfully powerful imagination? I don’t really care
For me it’s a knowing, without explanation
An awareness that you’re at peace (and still laughing along with me… but not crying. There are no more tears where you are.)
I’ll see you soon, Les. But for now, I hope I’m making you proud (and still making for entertaining viewing from above).
This year has been in your honour.
and so will every year ahead 

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