โ€‹โ˜† what a year it’s been… my focus was to say “f*ck the system“/ social norms & expectations, be true to where I am at, stop putting off what’s important to me until “a better time”
~ I stopped taking time for granted (in honour of my precious friend)
and started living for NOW ~ taking opportunities, stretching myself further than I unconsciously limited myself to (we are all capable of so much more), seeing what’s important and letting go of what just… isn’t. 
~ living and doing and being with heightened awareness can lead you places you never imagined, some scary & vulnerable, some exciting & inspiring, all challenging but so mentally, physically, spiritually rewarding ~

Everything is temporary. Stop resisting evolution, growth and change. That’s the only constant. 
“whatever you do, or dream you can, BEGIN IT! Boldness has genius, power & magic in it”

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