Waving flags for spirit.

It may be mundane and underwhelming

It may seem small and insignificant

But character is when you commit to even the smallest taskwith widest smile and greatest attitude

I think of the guys who direct the traffic past a construction site, who I see as I drive to work some mornings. Taking SUCH pride in waving their “green for go” or “red for stop” flags 🚩🏳 while they dance in the street with dedication to do their best with the job they have.

I believe deeply that the universe sees these guys.

It brings tears to my eyes as a grin is wiped across my face and I am humbled me to the core.

That kind of spirit money can’t buy
it doesn’t sit in the size of your pay cheque
It sits in your soul
that life force that always does it’s best.

I honour that essence.

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