Conversations with Trees


Talk to me old one about the lessons you’ve learnt, the things you’ve heard
Talk to me about growing upwards towards the light
Talk to me wise one about 100 years of stillness,
growing from your roots
To the greatest of heights
Speak to me Great Grandfather about your reasons and seasons
In silence, knowing what you know
Growing how you grow
Speak to me Great Grandmother about bending and not breaking
In times of woe
In silence, glowing how you glow
I’m listening ancient one
for you’re the observer of so much time
Guide me through meandering thoughts
They’re yours, channelling through mine

Talk to me oh tallest one
I feel such strength in your shadow
Your clarity I breath in
Your vibration I will follow





6 thoughts on “Conversations with Trees

  1. I love this poem! I really feel the connection to Mother in this one, the adoration of trees and the wisdom it bestows. Thank you for sharing! <3

    1. In a jaded and broken world, Dani’s tender poem recognising what trees mean to us, refreshes hope that there are people awake to an authentic engagement with Nature. Her innocence is what takes us to “listening”. Her poem is beautiful in form and content – hence it gently arouses shared feelings.

  2. I was so thrilled and excited to see your name and such a beautiful poem written by you in the email edition of WILD magazine. Well done, Dani! I have printed the poem and will be reading it often, inspiring and beautiful. 😘

  3. Magnificent POST! WOW
    You should continue your writing.
    I’m sure you have a great readers’ base already!

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